Welcome to Minnetonka!

Welcome to the 2018 Minnetonka Tree Sale!

 Once again, the city is partnering with the local nonprofit Tree Trust
to offer exclusive online tree ordering.

The sale continues until the end of the month, or when all stock sells out.

 Stock that appears below is currently available.
Anything not listed has sold out.


-   This offer is only open to Minnetonka residents, for planting on Minnetonka properties. Order only for properties you own.
-   Individual property owners may order up to two trees per property. There is no limit on the purchase of tree guards and tree gator bags.
-   If you own multiple properties in Minnetonka, or if you represent an apartment complex or townhome/condo association, please contact forestry staff at 952-988-8407 before placing your order.
-   These trees do not have a warranty.


Review the products and add trees to your cart. Click on “My Cart” to edit or delete items.

Go to the Account tab and choose Checkout. You will be prompted to set up an account with Tree Trust or log into your existing account.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to pay. Payment is processed through the PayPal payment system – but you can also choose to pay with a credit card. In order to protect data privacy, absolutely no orders will be accepted over the phone or on city computers.

After checkout is complete, you will receive two emails: a sales confirmation from Tree Trust, and a receipt from PayPal.


In mid- to late April, you will receive a mailed reminder with details about your order. Please bring that paperwork to the event, or give it to your designated representative (if someone else is picking up the trees for you) to ensure a smooth pick-up process.


Tree pick-up event:

Friday, May 18, 9 a.m.–noon
Saturday, May 19, 9 a.m.–noon
Public Works, east driveway (adjacent to recycling center)
11522 Minnetonka Blvd.


Trees that are not collected on the designated dates will be planted in Minnetonka parks. No refunds will be given.

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  1. ‘Triumph’ Elm

    ‘Triumph’ Elm


    Height at purchase:  6-8’

    Height at maturity:  50-60’

    Mature spread (width):  35-40’

    Learn More
  2. ‘Cathedral’ Elm

    ‘Cathedral’ Elm


    Height at purchase:  6-8’

    Height at maturity: 40-50’

    Mature spread (width): 40-60’

    Learn More
  3. American Basswood ‘Redmond’

    American Basswood ‘Redmond’


    Height at purchase: 6-8’

    Height at maturity: 50-70’

    Mature spread (width): 30-45’ 

    Learn More
  4. Richard Webb, Bugwood.org

    ‘Skyline’ Honey Locust


    Height at purchase:  6-8’

    Height at maturity: 40-45’

    Mature spread (width):  25-35’

    Learn More
  5. Tree Guard

    Tree Guard


    Protect young tree stems from deer and more! Learn More
  6. Watering Bag

    Watering Bag


    Slow release watering bag-suitable for deciduous trees only. 


    Learn More

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6 Item(s)